Gymnastics Plymouth High School

Gymnastics - Lady Pilgrims Defeat Warsaw and Logansport

By Brent Corbett | Feb 8, 2024 3:53 PM


The Lady Pilgrims traveled to Warsaw to take on Logansport and host Warsaw Wednesday night and came out with a great win defeating the host Tigers 100.25 to 71.35 and Logansport 100.25 to 93.85. Jersey Hunter would finish 1st in the All-Around with a score of 35.25. Jersey would finish 1st in the vault scoring 9.2, 3rd in bars 8.05, 1st in beam 8.7 and 1st in floor scoring 9.3. Joy Everett would finish 2nd in the vault scoring 8.9 and Arielle Ferman would score a 8.6 to finish 5th. In the bars Jenna Blake would score a 7.75 to finish 4th and Amyra Benchaar would score a 7.45 to get 6th place. In Beam, Lila Hanyzewski would score a 7.9 to finish 3rd and Sophia D'Alonzo would score a 7.25 to finish 6th. For the Floor and final rotation for the Lady Pilgrims Lila Hanyzewski would get 4th with a score of 8.85 while Jenna Blake got a 8.3 for 6th place. For the JV team portion the Lady Pilgrims would get a team score of 84.7. With the vault Lilly Hinderlider would get a 7.0, Mia Krathwohl scored a 7.0, Daniela Moreno scored a 7.95, Amyra Benchaar scored 8.4, and Sophia D'Alonzo scored 8.1. In the bars rotation Damaris Aguilar scored a 4.15, Sophia D'Alonzo scored 5.2, Susie Everett scored a 5.3, Joy Everett scored a 5.35, and Daniela Moreno scored a 5.95. In beam Lily McQuisten scored a 6.2, Mia Krathwohl scored 5.1, Lilly Hinderlider scored a 7.2, Damaris Aguilar scored a 6.8, and Amyra Benchaar scored a 6.9. For the final rotation in floor Mia Krathwohl scored a 6.3, Lilly Hinderlinder scored a 5.4, Daniela Moreno scored a 6.75, Damaris Aguilar scored a 7.85, and Amyra Benchaar scored a 8.15. The Lady Pilgrims will travel to both Logansport Invite for the JV and Angola Invite for the Varsity.